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A Few Melons and More Melons from the Late Patch (pics)

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I started gathering some of these last week. Another load will finish most of the larger ones, and there will be about 3 loads of smaller-than-a-basketball sized ones thanks to the heat and drought. The early patch had very few Crimson Sweet keepers. Most were just too small. I have been gathering them in 5 gallon buckets and taking most of them to the cows.

They do have a great taste. I just need more buyers. They are moving slow like many things connected to the economy. Well, the cows, us, close friends and neighbors will enjoy them :!:
Too bad I can't can or freeze them. :idea: :(

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Re: A Few Melons from the Late Patch (pics)

Jimmy those are beautiful, are those some sugarbaby's that I see? I could be wrong... I'm no expert with identifying melons on the outside... though I would consider myself a "self-taught connoisseur" when it comes to identifying a fine tasting one. It looks like the late ones came in very nicely, definitely something to be proud of.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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