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A Poultry Question

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My brother has a few chickies that supply his family with eggs. Recently, he has been finding most of the eggs cracked and broken. What could be causing this? I have gone to get snakes out of his hen house, but they eat the eggs whole. I have never had chickens of my own so I cannot help. Most every farmer I knew in my youth had 'em, but about all I did was gather eggs, feed them, and enjoy them and their eggs at mealtime.
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Ever now and then we'd get a hen that would peck the shells for whatever reason and Dad could always tell which one. That one
would make Sunday dinner. He'd grab their heads one at a time and look 'em over until he found the culprit. Most likely from lack
of calcium like said above, but I didn't know or think about it back then. Sometimes he'd snip a bit off their top bill with scissors.
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