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A Poultry Question

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My brother has a few chickies that supply his family with eggs. Recently, he has been finding most of the eggs cracked and broken. What could be causing this? I have gone to get snakes out of his hen house, but they eat the eggs whole. I have never had chickens of my own so I cannot help. Most every farmer I knew in my youth had 'em, but about all I did was gather eggs, feed them, and enjoy them and their eggs at mealtime.
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If they are cracked, or broken and uneaten, then I agree with Steve and Jr. Some crushed oyster shell
scattered about the ground for them to pick at will give more calcium in their diet and strengthen the shells.
If they are being cracked open and eaten, then lots of varmints or domestic critters will eat eggs.
He best sit with a shotgun one night, in the hen house, and see what it is.
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