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A TLC needing deere

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At the local tractor salvage and parts store there is a lonely old styled john deere B sitting out front of the parts building. About 20 years ago they tried to get it running in the spare time unfortunately they did not have the time to restore it so they parked it. Since then some one took the wheels and rims and left it on blocks. Fast forward to 2012 me and my father are doing our daily trip for parts "Since it seems our equipment breaks done once a day and I spot the old lonely B. It turns out this is one of the few complete tractors that they are willing to sell. The owner of the yard took a vacation so I have to wait a week to get the price but I can say most likely It will be a addition to the vintage tractor collection at our farm. Since I don't know much about the Old deeres. Here is what it looks like.

This was the best Picture I got at the time, hopefully I will get some more shortly.

The wheels on this are some I have never seen on a deere. The ones I am use to are the four point dish. But theses ones are different. Can any one explain the differences.

Lastly I got a picture of the serial plate. The number is not clear but if I get it I will clean it up so I can figure out the date.

I am hoping that If the price is right that My father and I will buy and restore this and some day a 14t baler to tow behind it.
Thanks for taking the time to look. Farmall Fan
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I think it says SERIAL No. and PATENTS APPLIED FOR. The actual serial number would be engraved in the plate. I think.
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