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After 4 Years.. it finally happened

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4 years we have been doing this garden, and in that time we have harvested turnips, onions, potatoes, beans, squash, cukes, kolhrabi, pumpkins, gourds, melons, and one time a sunflower... now all of these years we have always grown sweet corn. NEVER have we ever been able to get more than an arm full out of it without being mauled by the deer as we tried to make our getaway. This year the running joke was that the fertilize and cultivating was all just prepping the buffet table for them - expecting the same. My friends, I'm not sure how it happened - but my wife and I managed to slip in and pick the entire plot's first bearing with little sign of invading critters (there was some.) This is a first, and my mother, father, grandparents, and great aunt and uncle jumped in and got all of it frozen the next day (my wife and I's one year anniversary) without us knowing - I was going to do it the next day. Another interesting side note, the type of corn that we raise is Bodacious as it is my personal favorite... usually it grows to a decent size stalk. This year, the tallest stalk might have been 4 feet tall - due to our weather. The corn, grew about 12-18" off of the ground... it beat anything I have ever seen. It filled out perfect and while not as big as some ears you might buy in the store, overall developed a good size roasting ear. Needless to say - we have been very excited for this. I think Mom told me they wound up with 40 one-gallon bags of frozen ears (10-12/bag) and 9 quarts of frozen cream style corn from this...
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OK Brandon, talk about wierd. We picked bodacious today, I think 7 or 8, 5 gallon buckets full. It was my last planting. It got knee high, then tasseled. Less than half of the ears are usable because of the heat and drought. I have a few pretty ears, but most suffer from poor pollination.
Yours is a nice green color. The outer shucks no mine are brown, dried , sunburnt, and covered with red dirt. A short, big drops-shower, beat dirt on the barly above-ground ears.
We shucked it all, saved it if it was good enuff to use (when one doesn't have pretty corn but wants some in the winter, a knife can make it look much better). I took the rejects to my daughter for freezing. What looked suitable is goin' to the famers market in the morning. Picking Bodacious reminds me too much of pulling the first flue-cured tobacco primings. It will test one's back.
We have frozen 24-25 quarts of cut corn from our short crop so far. Half was Merit, and half was Silver Queen. I still have half of the Bodacious to pick. Hope to find a little more worth saving.
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Looking great Brandon . Lots of corn, I have raised bodicous and it is good but we like the Kandy corn the best . kandy corn has a smaller kernel .Looks like you got a lot of nice corn , Enjoy it.
Good deal Brandon!! :D I'll bet that was a nice surprise to find it all put up when you got home.
I see a new house going up in the background. I wonder if the noise from that helped keep the deer at bay. :?
Happy first Anniversary to you and your lovely bride. Hope you have a lifetime of anniversaries together. ;)
Congrats all around. Maybe the new bride is a good omen :lol: :lol: :lol: May the rest of your lives be filled with many more wonderful and delightful surprises!!!!!!! ;)
Forgot to mention the best part. It tasted great.
Better than expected production surprises are ALWAYS welcome. :D Congradulations :!:
Thanks for all the kind words everybody, sorry I've not been on lately just very swamped with work the last little bit. It did taste awesome... enjoyed some just the other night. Mike, maybe you are on to something! Good fortune to me and the crops when she comes in to the picture - I can't ask for any more than that. And Jim - I have just come to accept that we must be kindred spirits... :lol: Or at least we have good taste in sweet corn! I'll gladly take either. Thanks again everyone.
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