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Album of Bob and Pats Trip

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Bob and Pat have sent more photos of their trip I have added them to the album.Hope this works :? :?

The first ones are of Bowling Green and then of the Flywheelers show in Fla.

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There are updated pics added to the album for all to view.
The pics are of,
Phoenix & suburburbs in background - we are about 1,200 feet above city.
The First are of the salvage yard mentioned in the email
Photos of Pat & Bob's travels from Bowling Green, Fl. to Mission, Tx.
Arizona Pics
More Arizona Pics Added,Abandoned Copper mine,Tractor salvage yard and dry Dam.

They are taking grand tour fer sure :!: ;)
Jim in NC said:
They are taking grand tour fer sure :!: ;)
I know put a lot of miles on that Van and camera :lol: :lol:

New pictures added to the album fron their last days in Arizona.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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