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allis chalmers 90 combine

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Bought an AC 90 tow behind combine on Wednesday and have spent all my free time since making it operational. I planted an acre of buckwheat in the spring and was thinking that I was going to have to plough it under since I had not been able to find a combine to buy in my price range. Lucked out and found this one 40 kilometers away, which is far enough to bring something that is 12 ft wide on public highways. This AC is big, ugly and it works after putting patches on a number of area's of tin, quick linking two chains, replacing 2 belts, replacing almost all the wood on the reel,patching all 3 access doors, rebolting the shaker in place and generally giving it a good cleaning and greasing. Gave it a test run through about 300 ft of crop and found out I had missed repairing the final rotary screen for grass seed. Will do that tomorrow and finish harvesting the grain in the afternoon. I had never looked closely at a combine before watching an older AC at a local grain plot about a month ago but I could build one now. Hopefully before next harvest I can make a better job of the temporary patches that I put on in the last two days. Not enough time to do a proper job but they should last a few of seasons if necessary. If the machine had been thoroughly cleaned before being left unused I expect it would not have needed the tin or door work. Will try to post pictures in the next few days.
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Sounds as if you had to do quite a lot of work to breath new life into the old girl, hope she works well for you.
It should make a good combine for you. We'll be waiting for the pics. :D
The work was not hard but was what I would call fiddly. Patching the tin, adjusting and replacing belts etc. If I had done it properly then I would have had to dismount the main bin or put the combine on it's side to repair the bottom areas. This is the second time the bin has been patched so it will eventually have to be patched again or be fixed properly. I used the combine for one round of an acre of buckwheat but the crop is still too green. The grain is fine but the buckwheat stalks are still very green and coming out in clumps. Someone suggested waiting for frost before harvesting but I can't find anyone with experience to advise me. Time will tell.
WyattB said:
............. or put the combine on it's side to repair the bottom areas.
There's been times I've treatened to do that too. :shock: ;) :D
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