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Allis G restore project

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Well here a couple picturea of a G i am working on.
replace the brakes and new seals in the inner axles.
Installed new bushing the main axle supports and built up the 2 front pins.
this where i am at with the project sand blasted the hood and wheels sunday.

I need to find out why i can not post picture it says the bard attachment has been reached.
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Thanks i forgot how to post from photobucket but i got it figure out.

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Looking good Richard more pictures as you go please ;)
Looks like its coming along nicely, thanks for the pics :cool:
Looking Good!!!! Neat little tractors.
Looks like it's coming along quite well. Thanks for sharing. Keep the pictures coming :D :D
Gettin' there Mr. Richard. :D Lookin' forward to the next update. ;)
Just finished painting the rear wheels and the main part of the tractor still need to paint the plow
ready to bolt the gas tank on and small parts.
also got the use the spray rig to hold spme parts while wait for them to dry.

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Got most of the parts on the fenders and gas tank and all the wheels.
Will need to do some touch up painting once the plow is mounted.
and the last deal is the battery box i forgot to paint it.and install the lights.
Also will have all new hydraulic lines made.

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Looking good you do good work ;)
Super job!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
brings back the mmories of when i was working on mine!

Good lookin "Tater Bug" you got there! Good job :!: :D
Nice job, sir. Man I like your shop ! Proving there is no such thing as having too much stuff to work on or to work with. Super Deluxe.... :D :D :D
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