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Allis G

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Does anyone know if the rear allis G rim has the same bolt pattern as the farmall cub?

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Not sure what the rim bolt pattern for a Cub is, but an Allis G had 30" rims with 4 lugs 90 degrees apart, that bolted to the centers.
Not sure how deep towards the center the lugs bent.
They had five bolt hubs on the axles, but I don't know the spacing, or center hole dianeter either. Sorry :oops:
Ok thanks Dave. The high and wide cubs also came with 30" rims/tires and I know they are both a 5 lug pattern and thought maybe I could switch them out with the G rims/center disc. It might be easier finding ones for a G thean ones for a Hicrop cub. Cheaper too. A friend emailed me yesterday and he has one so I'm going over to measure his.

I was going to see if the tires/rims/center disc would fit but ran across a high and wide yesterday and bought it. So they'll be no need to switch them Thanks
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If you need a part and instead buy a good tractor don't you still need the part? That's a nice looking tractor, not a parts tractor.
I bought some High & Wide kit parts for the farmall cub. The rear rims were farmerized cub center disc welded to a 6 loop ford rim. I have since found the Tractor in the photo so I won't be needing the rear rims because I am selling the other High & Wide parts to offset the cost of the new tractor.

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