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Allis in Indianapolis going to junk yard

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I was passing through Indiana last Wednesday and checking Craigslist I found a stuck but very clean '46 (I think) Allis C loaded on a trailer offering it for $550 before taking it to the scrap yard on Saturday the 24th. Was wondering if anyone saw it or maybe got it? I believe even the tires were good.
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Sure wish I had room.
when talk of the junk yard comes into it, it sure makes you sad.
What bothers me most is......when it comes out on the other end it will have "madin in china" stamped on it, I truly hate that.

With the state the world is in it isn't any wonder why the tractor is going to the scrap yard. with the high cost of living and fuel prices being really high as well as scrap prices also being high.
Most of the real collectors who really love the tractors just don't have the money to save the old girls.
A bunch of the young people today just wouldn'tknow how to use a tractor with out FWA either.

:D Al
I wish I had the room too :(
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