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Allis Pics

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Went to a show yesterday and saw a couple of nice Allis Chalmers.

Thought of Big Dave on this one.

Never seen one with metal like this. Don't know if factory or homemade.

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Aw come on Gordon, thats cruel, Gordon, your gonna make Dave Jealous :lol: :lol:
Didn't mean to but that was a sharp AC. To be honest I was a little bit jealous myself. :D
I'm willin' to bet that's Johnny Stewart's 185. I've not seen one around the area any prettier. :D
It's my inspiration to try and match it when I repaint my 175 .......... someday, :roll: then park it next to his 185 at a show. ;)
The bottom one is all factory. It's a UC, first called an All Crop.
Thanks for the info Dave and you are correct the tag on the tractor said Johnny Stewart and you are right he did one more job on the tractor, anyone would be proud of that one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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