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Allis WC work

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I've decided to bring the family 1937 WC out of the back barn for some much needed TLC. It's a hand cranker, starts hard, has a horrific rear main oil leak and needs some other minor TLC. While I have the engine out for a rear main is there anything I need to pay attention to? Pictures to come.
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Look and see if the wick thats in the back of the crank isnt leaking real bad.
Its supposed to lube the pilot bushing. Its not hard to change if you have a old school rope seal installer ;)
I love the fact that its a family tractor! Love history :) Cant wait for the pic's
Wouldn't hurt to check the clutch while the engine's out
Snowing today, so going through some old posts. Did you get the oil leak slowed down?
There is a good video of oil pan gasket repairs on the Allis Forum.
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