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The daylillies and buttercups along our yard borders, among cottonwood trees, and in the surrounding woods remind me each year of past events and provide moments of reflection.

My dad had four sisters. However, he told us many times how he and Granny, his mom, would plant flowers and work in the flower beds. The lillies and buttercups seem to be in odd places now, but they have migrated and spread over time to out of the way places. When they bloom each year, they bring back cherished memories and remind us of using the simpler things in life to produce peace and satisfaction.

To put a more modern perspective into this, the daylillies also always bloom near the time school is out for the summer. With Mrs. Jim having taught school for 30+ years and our daughter always taking lily blooms to her favorite teachers, the flowers work like a clock. They bloom, or alarm, to signal the passage of time, another school year finished, as well as provide a special feeling that my family is still and will always be with us.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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