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Annual Crows Nest Show, Queensland

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Here are a few photos taken yesterday at our local Crows Nest Country Show where a few of us brought our tractors along to show and play with. A friend & I drove our Chamberlain 9Gs about 25 miles early in the morning to get there through some of our back country roads winding through the Great Deviding Range to get there. My Fordson N was piggybacked on the trailer which did not help on the hills. The Chamberlains are fairly fast on the road and even with 2.5 tons behind mine, we averaged about 20mph.


Son-in-law with me ready to set off. The grand-son joined in for the photo but stayed at home where it was nice & warm in the early morning

On the road - early morning

My Chamberlain 9G and Fordson N along side a nicely restored IH 660 diesel

Oliver 1950 and Case 500

Minneapolis Moline M5

Fiat 50CI industrial dozer

Chamberlain Super 70, powered by the GM 3-71 2 stroke diesel

Cat D4 7U series on the tractor pull sled. This tractor has done over 13000 hours and virtually in origional condition.

GM4-71 powered AC HD10. This tractor looks like it is still earning it's keep for it's owner on his farm
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Great pic's looks like a really good time!
Thats really scootin along; very intresting fotos. Your country seems to have a lot of Cats; and i always enjoy seeing them
I wouldn't mind living where you do. Looks like some beautiful country.
Seems you had good weather for the show, and ride to and from.
Mgood is right, it seems you have a lot more crawlers, or at least people show them more,
than what I've seen at shows around my area. I'm lucky to come across one at a show, here.
Thanks for the photos. ;)
Thanks for your comments. Crawlers used to be commonly used on the local farms, even where the land is as flat as a billiard table as they cause much less soil compaction. In my local area, there is still a Cat D6 9U and a D2 5u series still in active duty farming. Also in our black clay soils here the tracks almost last for-ever as these soils are not sandy and abrasive.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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