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haven't heard from Al in a while, Does anyone else feed wild bees?
I depend on wild bees for pollination and feed them in early spring and late fall.
Should I be watering them in this drought? if so how do you water bees?

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If there isn't a water source nearby, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea.
Put out a bowl about full of marble sized rocks and water just below the top of the rocks.
This gives them something to land on, and or climb back on if they get into the water.
I've noticed waspers getting water from the corn stalks where the dew collects at the leaf base in the mornings.
There is always enough blooming here from the early spring till late fall, and with the creek just behind the house,
it's something that I never thought about. I know I've had to watch my step through the yard with the wite clover constantly blooming,
not to step on any honey bees. Although, I've stomped or made sure that a lawnmower tire ran over countless carpender bees in the past few weeks.
I've acctually stopped the mower to make sure a honey bee got out of the way. ;)

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Just got off the phone with a friend who is a bee keeper and has been for about 50yrs. Dave is right about some source of water. She said that if you have a bird bath or they put a post in the watering trough and that works too. Asked her about your peaches being eaten by the bees and she said that they are not the problem that they will not eat on them unless something is breaking the skin. If you have stink bugs or if they are weaping it will attract them but they arn't breaking the skin. They are orchard people as well said to tell you see if you can find what is attacking the peach.Hope this helps.
Am more than glad to ask her if you have any other questions.


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I wonder if the bees were after the moisture in the peaches because water was short?
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