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Another Pest for Farmers...Hay Theives

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Missouri Farmers Fight Rise In Hay Thefts
December 3, 2012 9:49 AM
(KMOX) - As if it’s not bad enough that Missouri farmers are trying to survive the worst drought in decades, now many of them are facing a new problem that’s costing them big bucks.

Missouri Farm Bureau president Blake Hurst says thieves are actually targeting those big bundles of hay that are left out in fields prior to being harvested, hauling them off and selling the valuable commodity.

“Of course, no one brands their hay so if you hook onto it with your tractor or your pickup and make it out the gate, then it’s impossible to prove where the hay came from,” Hurst said.

With winter approaching and grass dying out, the price for fresh hay to feed livestock is on the rise, and Hurst says that makes unguarded bales a tempting target.

Ironically, it’s because of the ongoing drought that fresh hay has become so valuable with the winter season fast approaching.

And it’s not just Missouri. This trend is happening in farm states across the country, so much so that some are now putting global positioning trackers inside their bales, in case they’re stolen.
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Who'd of thought they'd go after hay :eek:
I've heard it all Jim . Never ever thought I would hear that'
How you going to lock up those big rolls of hay :?: :?: :?: :roll:
bettyp said:
I've heard it all Jim . Never ever thought I would hear that'
How you going to lock up those big rolls of hay :?: :?: :?: :roll:
Maybe we could put "boots" on them :?: :!: :idea: :roll: :?
Unbelievable. I guess nothing is "off limits" anymore. It may just be showing us how tuff times are.
That's a first for me. Don't remember ever hearing anyone stealing hay. :?
This happened quite a few years back - guy hooked on to wagon loaded with soybeans that was setting at the end of field, with his pickup truck & took to local elevator the next morning. Scale man recognized the wagon & knew the farmer was missing that wagon as he had called them to be on lookout for it.
Long story short: Sheriff & farmer converged on the young thief waiting in line to get unload.
As if farming isn't tough enough without thieving going on, :evil:
Red Kiwi said:
As if farming isn't tough enough without thieving going on, :evil:
Our equipment gets stolen for scrap, then our crops are taken. When they go to the store to steal some food and there is none there, what they gonna do :?: :roll: :shock: :x
There is a big problem here on stock being stolen and/or being slaughtered on the farm or just down the road. How do some people sleep at night.?
The GPS idea is working here. There have been several of the regions hay producers that have gotten hay back with the culprits in jail, thanks to the use of gps. Any one in farming and ranching any where has entirely too many problems to have to put up with theives.
we lost some hay 10 + years ago. and a few years later a baler was taken from the same barn. sheriff found it along the road miles away with a flat tire. last week about 1/2 mile from me a dep. sheriff had his front door kicked in during the day and took $28000.
I belong to a community watch group. Things were fairly quiet in the local neighborhood for a tew months until abot a week ago. Things, breakins especially, are happening too often again. :x
ain.t seen nothing yet. the fiscal cliff is nothing compared to the Great baloney depression that is coming soon. there will be soup line on corners all across the country. you will have to srt shooting thieves. nothing is off limits to them.
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