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Antique Austin MFG Co. Grader

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Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and am really enjoying it. I have a question. We have an Austin antique grader from 1890 that we are wanting to sell. I have no idea what it is worth so I would love some input on what it is worth/what we could expect to get. 3 of the 4 wheels spin. Thanks!, Jack I have attached a photo of it.
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SOrry I am having trouble uploading a picture.
Condition is everything, has to be near perfect to bring top dollar. Tight wheels, no rust out. Does it have leaning wheels? Size of moldboard. Condition of cutting edge. You can't get parts so to rebuild is very expensive. Usable $1500.00 and up here. Excellent, large size and with all the options, great condition up to $7500.00. Wheels are so important, tight to the axles and no rust out. Here it is wet and if they sat in the ground, they rust out. Very expensive to repair. Been a long time since I have seen an austin sell....James
Sorry I cannot upload a picture for some reason. I am not trying to sell it on here but here is a link to it just so you can see the pictures. No leaning wheels.

How about this one, is it similar to what you are looking at ?? My dad bought this one at a neighbor's farm sale in the late '60s when I was 10 yrs old or so. The purchase price was a whopping $25.00.....This one is still in use today at my house and at my brothers location three miles away, maintaining 4/10 mile driveways at each.
Very durable and very useful if you like to do things with flair for the old fashioned.

If you use a smaller tricycle tractor, you can make a 180 degree turn at the driveways end and go back exactly the way you came with no backing up to turn around. The bolster will turn well beyond 90 degrees and when doing so, the rear wheels will go in opposite directions... you'll see.

This one is far from perfect condition though. Good Luck. Don't forget the pictures.
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