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Anybody recognize this wrench and hand crank?

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These were both tangled up in the pile of parts to the B I drug home? Any idea if they actually go to it or just happened to be there. The B has electric start and I did not see a place for this crank? He said he used to have an A, I wondered if maybe the crank went to the A, but the A started on the flywheel not with a crank to my knowledge. Also got the good news that back in those woods he has a JD 2 bottom trip plow as well. Im goona go back and scope those out, try to snag them as well. I am sure I will have many other half assed questions just like this one so please dont beat me up to bad, Thanks for any input you have.

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Photos look OK to me unless the middle one was supposed to be the whole piece.
I've never seen a hand crank J.D. that wasn't turned by the flywheel.
Maybe an L, or M, or an older diesel that the pony motor was cranked by hand.
I never was around one of those models except shows, and never paid attention.
Lovesthedrive said:
I would not use that crank. There are no beveled areas to push the crank out of the engine. Maybe its a window blind crank for a overhead awning. Otherwise it is like the crank on a landing gear.
I was about to post the same thing. Not sure that's a crank handle for an engine.
No way to push it away when the engine starts. Should have an incline on one side,
or a pin that fits the groove and incline on the pulley.
Never seen a wrench like that either, will be interested to learn what it's from, if anyone knows.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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