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are 730's and 930's heads the same

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Welll machine shop got back to me, my rear head on my 730 is cooked, cracks between the valves. So doing a little research and saw a forum where similar guy in a predictment had a theory the 730 and 930 used the same head. 830 and 1030 used a identical head. This would be a great help cause where i am 730s in wreckers is a uncommon sight but 930s are everywhere. Thanks
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Yes the 730 and 930 share the same head piston and sleeve,and the 830 and 1030 share the same
Make sure you double check the casting numbers too just to make sure you get the right heads. A friend of mine bought a 500 and it actually has a 930 engine in it.
Hey thanks,
well I got a head! found through kijiji (Canadas craiglist) about 25 miles north of me a 930 that got pulled apart due to a bad knock, dad picked one up brought it in for a planing/checkout if it fails, still got 2 more to try after. 200 for top end gaskets 150 for the head.... hoping to make the tractor pulls on Sunday the 28th!
Good luck! One of the heads on my 400 has 12 pins in it now!
Well got new head installed today and got running, runs good except after got warm started hearing some clacking from somewhere in valve train
When it was cold I set valves to .020 clearances.. Was that too tight too loose? something else causing a ticking/clacking noise?
that might be a little too loose. Did you have the rockers refaced? They may be worn different from the oil valves and need refacing.
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