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Back to work on the John Deere A

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I have alot of time on my hands now that i'm out of work so i'm tackling the rim replacement job finally!
This tire is extremely heavy, both are filled with calcium! Built a sled to load them on so i could drag them to my shop.

Built some stilts to bolt onto the axles, instead of using blocks, just not sure how long i'm gonna have to leave it without the tires and rims on.

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Hey! I like your axle stand! I will use that when I need to work on the wheels this winter (thankyou).

Hopefully you wont be like a member of our club 2 weeks ago. Our club was hauling public with a people mover. Some one with a 70 had some "help" whom didnt tighten one of the rear wheels. The fellow beats his chest and professes a great deal. Yet in my opinion wont accept responsibility for having a wheel fall off. Sigh
Is that 2x4 tubing? If not would you share what you did to make the stand? Would it have been netter if you used a piece of channel on the bottom to dig into the ground to hold it better?
Shouldnt be hard at all.. Remove the retainers inside the differential. I think you have to cut the seals off of the outside of your axle with a chisel for the felt seals. Cant find the description in my literature, otherwise would have posted it. After the afore mentioned work is done the axle should just slip right out.
The big gears (bull gears) fall out when you remove the axles.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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