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Back to work on the John Deere A

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I have alot of time on my hands now that i'm out of work so i'm tackling the rim replacement job finally!
This tire is extremely heavy, both are filled with calcium! Built a sled to load them on so i could drag them to my shop.

Built some stilts to bolt onto the axles, instead of using blocks, just not sure how long i'm gonna have to leave it without the tires and rims on.

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Yes i wanted to be certain there was no way it would tip over. These are quite solid. I am gonna tackle the axle seals while i have the wheels off! I kinda put this project on the back burner for a few years. I was able to get alot of work done with it, as bad of condition the rims are in!!!!!!! Still need a new carb for it! Just don't know how long it will be until i have it back on its wheels!
Lovesthedrive said:
Is that 2x4 tubing? If not would you share what you did to make the stand? Would it have been netter if you used a piece of channel on the bottom to dig into the ground to hold it better?
Its closer to 1 1/2 by 3.......1/4 thick wall, its just some stuff i had laying around. If you notice i have 3/8 plates welded to the bottom of the tubes.
Finally got motivated enough to tear into it, and replace the axle seals!

Hopefully sometime this week i'll finish with teardown! Wondering how hard these axles will be to pull?
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Got both axles out today! Inner bearings are still perfect! Outer bearings are history! One fell apart when i took the shaft out! Hardest part of the job i found was getting the felt seal retainers out, i had to completely destroy them. This was a way easier job than i expected. Now to get parts ordered!
Got the axles laid out waitin on bearings

Come up with a sure fire way to break the beads on these tires.

Had a couple 4x4's i put against the header over the garage door for the hydraulic jack to press against, worked perfect!

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fordbroncodave said:

What size wrench did you use to take the nuts off the ends of the axles? What kind of ft pound load do you apply and is there any preload?

Do the big gears stay in place or do they fall out?

How did you know you needed seals/bearings on the rear axles? were they leaking, growling or was there alot of wheel slop?

I didn't have a wrench to fit the nuts. It takes something over 2 inch! I used a large pipe wrench. No specific load applied but i did preload, because these are much like car wheel bearings. Repair manual specifies end play on the axles. Don't remember how much. The bull gears will not fall out until the axles are pulled.
Gear oil was leaking from the end of the axle housing. This is how i knew it needed seals! bearing were replaced because after inspection of bearings and races i discovered, they were pitted! One of the outter bearings fell apart, so it was obvious! All it all its an easy job to do, just heavy, and expensive!
Got a new carb to put on in the spring, and got one of the rear rims assembled today, after alot of fitting!

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These ole machines will still be running when i'm long gone i suspect! I worked on the other rim today. The center for it will take alot of cosmetic work to bring it back. Structurally it is sufficient, but badly pitted due to years of calcium leakin over it. Due to our location and the lack of farming in the past and today. It is extremely hard to find anything from old tractors. Old John Deere's are practically non existant here. I guess because back then they were rather pricey. Mostly what we had around here back then were ford's and massey ferguson's, and AC, and a few IH. Ford tractors are easy to find here! I'm just not a ford tractor fan, or massey for that matter! We had an Allis Chalmers G when i was a kid. All it needed was a paint job. It had the sickle mower, and an allis chalmers disc plow that mounted underneath. Must have been a rare implement for these! I have never even saw a picture of one! Sold all of it! I would give anything to have that back now!
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Got the other rim assembled yesterday, and both welded up!
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The tires i have are in pretty good shape so i will be reusing them. hope i never need new one's. Talk about sticker shock!
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