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Bale loader

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How do I find out who made my bale loader? I did not see any tags on it anywhere. Alos how do I engage the chain to make it pick up the bales? The chain does not want to engage and since hay season is almost here I need to get it working soon. Tganks!
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There were several different brands and styles, Kneib was a big one, Henry made one, John Deere. One was called a popup and there was many incline type. Here is a parts list and diagram of the Kneib, now a bush hog.

Does it engage at the axle? May need to clean up the mechanism that engages it. May have a broken spring....James ... ale_Loader)%2fAxle_Assembly_703187%2f03%7c%7e04%7c%7e0005%2f03%7c%7e04%7c%7e0003
Does it have a set screw? Bolt? Is the sprocket worn out from slipping? Is the axle worn? Or is there some kind of release to move the loader down the road....James
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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