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Bargain alert!

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Just ran by my local walmart on the way home from work.

noticed they have clearanced all campbel hausfeld tools and supplies and replaced them with 'power mate' brand equipment.. ( which incedentally.. looks EXACTLY the same as the CH products, product for protuct ).

In any case.. i'm not sure if all stores mark down similar.. but there were bargains to be had that beat harbor freight prices. yeah I know.. it all comes from china anyway.. but at least campbel hausfeld has a bit of a name anyway. besides.

Best deal was a wall mount spring-retractable air hose real, enclosed, came with 50' of 3/8 air line with reinforced kink free ends... plus the lil bal dealy that keeps the end from getting sucked up into the reel. whip on it was 4' priced from 55 to 35$ closest thing i could match it up to at harbor freight online was a 25' reel that looked remarkably similar, but only had 20' of hose on it, and a 40" whip, priced at 37.50 with a 20% coupon that would be 30$.. BUT you get another 30' of hose and the capacity to reel it in on the CH unit.. plus a lil longer whip to hookup to your air comp.

Air sanders and other misc air tools from 19-21$ and even air hammers for 12-13 $.. deffinately hitting into HF price range. I matched up a air sander .. HF price was 24.95.. walmart had it for 21$.. mark that down to 20$ with a coupon.. but.. walmart one came with the air ends.. HF one didn't.. air engs are a buck 50.. thus wm unit is net cheaper, and came with a stack of sanding discs .. etc..

lots of deals.. lil spring holders for the air hammers marked down from 4$ to 1.75$ the ch one fits my HF air hammer.. go figure.. :)

air drills.. everything.. 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2" impact wrenchs as low as 19$.. air ratchets and more...

I picked up the last air hose reel.. took it home, mounted it on the wall at my shop garage door, and the whip was perfect length to plug into the multi head tap I put in the medium bung on the side of my 60g upright compressor ( has 3 tap areas.. large bung for the 1" and 3/4" lines.. a 1/2" bung, and the standard ? 3/8 bung. I use the small bung with a reg in it for painting, the 1/2" feeds a 3 head adapter so i don't have to plug and unplug lines.. whip went to one of those.. large one is feeding my 1" and 3/4" air guns... so perfect fit. No more chore of reeling out my 50' hose manually to fill tractor and trailer tires when I pull up tot he shop. and then rolling back up.. I really should ahve treated myself to an auto reel a long time ago.. if they would have had 2 i would have got another one for the other garage door.. :)

spent just less than 100$ and walked out with that reel, a couple tools and a hand full of discounted ends and spring adapeter and ends for the hammer.

ch hoses were marked down between 5$ for 50' coil hoses to 11" for 50' 3/8 hoses. Grabbed 2 coil hoses for my air up tanks ( 10g and 15g )that have short lil 18" whips on them, for airing up tires and whatnot when on a tractor fetching/hunting trip.. ) also grabbed a cheapy 5$ 50' coil hose for my pancake compressor that lives up in the hous garage for airing up the truck tires.. no more toting that baby out to the driveway to use the lil 10' coil hose it has. can now reach the far side of both vehicles inthe driveway.

happy camper tonight! :)

so check yer walmarts to see if they clearanced heir CH products too.. might find some deals. I missed the compressors they marked down. had marked their lil 1.5g oiless pancakes down to 35$ as well.. again.. competitive with harbor freight.. their oiless pancake is 49$ or 39$ if you are in their club membership deal.. so deffinate deal..

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I still say you need a bigger garage if you keep finding AND BUYING all these deals you come across. That or you'll have to hire a helper so the tools don't just sit around all day :lol: :lol: :lol:

Great deals there friend. Gotta feel good when those come around.
Always nice to get some good deals. :D Wal-mart here hasn't carried C-H products for years.
yep.. need to find a cheap project to keep me out of trouble now. will have to wait till i have time though.. working alot right now.. will likely slow down after mother day though.. summer usually slows for the night job, while winter slows for the day job.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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