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Better settle in around the camp fire

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G-day Im will from down under in australia.... Ive been an early forum member on the ye-olde style forum for a while and i thought id better settle in around the new campfire!

Cheers, Will
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Glad your still here Will :)
So this is where all the "new" folks meet :D
Guess I better do this again!! Im John, have 7 Farmalls well IHs, been a memeber here, on the old forum, for a while. Ill try and help any way I can!!!!
Hi Mrs Harris here, Uk based, glad we are back online, been missing the family ...
What a shocker...out of town for three days and everybody was GONE when I got back !!! :? :? :? I like the new smilies though.
Bertman here again Still got 5 Allis tractors and a Minni Mo with a McCormick Deering waiting to Take the ride home :p :D :eek:
Prwttsh is here too ;)
Hello fellow ATF friends I made it back. Thank you Jr. for the hard work you do to keep ATF running.
I'm back too and been learning about the new ATF. I haven't reported this, but I recently acquired two new "old " tractors that were officially owned by my mom, although I had used them almost excluseviely since the early 1980s. Derek, these can be truly described as "Sentimental Tractors". I'll have to take inventory, but I believe I have officially have enuff tractors to qualify for "double digit" status. :eek:
Very glad to be back and glad everyone else is also. :D Kinda hoping JIM might post a couple of pics of his new tractors when he gets time. :p
LOL I just joined and the board goes all to heck!
I am currently an owner of a crawler in the upper Maine. Hoping for something else.
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I finally found some of the family of ATF .I once belong here & guess they'll let me back
Hope I can get Jr to give my avator back and I'll be happy. :lol:

yep ol wizz made it back too. glad to see everyone makin the trip back!!!!!
Boy it sure does feel good to be back!! Have to talk alot to get our PM privledges back :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hello again,

Todd here - never realised how often I popped by until site was down - I still have my 434 and 656, horses and some horse drawn equipment. Nice to see you all again.
Its gonna take more than crashing the site to get rid of me :eek: :eek: :lol:

I knew i would really miss You guys if something similar to this happened. I really had no idea how much i would. It great to be back among the living :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Stephenscity said:
Its gonna take more than crashing the site to get rid of me :eek: :eek: :lol:

Ditto to that. It sure nice to have the fourm back up and running.
Welcome to the new ATF. :D
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