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I really enjoyed our visit at Caseman's show. Just an fyi, but yesterday on the way home, I tried to take in some of the scenery, but not knowing some roads as well as I would like, I had to mostly concentrate on driving. I noticed hemlock not only in KY, but all along our route home except along the West Va. Turnpike. It grows as far south as Southwestern Va. Once I dropped down off the mountains at Fancy Gap, Va. though, it disappeared. I did not notice it during our travels on Friday until we got to KY. A brother has property in SW Va. but I don't ever remember seeing it there. I hope it doesn't decide to migrate further south for warmer climates, It sure looks to be a nuisance for sure. I saw patches in hayfields that were left standing and not mowed, and after our talks, I know why.
And yesterday, there was hay being teddered, raked, baled, and hauled all along the way home. It looks like there is a good, heavy crop most everywhere along our travel route.

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Hemlock like cooler damp places to grow. So you may never see it where you are. It will die off in a few weeks and come back out in the late fall.
If you see it in the middle of a hayfield, it's most likely a low spot where water likes to stand after a good rain. Though you do see a rouge sprout every now and then.
It mostly likes overgrown fencerows, woods lines, and creek banks where the ground stays more moist. Once it gets it's carrot like taproot established, it's hard to kill.
I've sprayed up to five times with Roundup to kill some. It's a chore to keep out of the edges of my pastures and hayfields along the waterways where I can't spray chemicals.
The only way to keep it at bay there is pulling when the ground is soft. ;)
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