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Bought: 1957 350 Diesel

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Only 4,191 of these were made. It's rarer than the super MD I just bought, but not quite as rare as the SMD-TA. Paid 1500 for the tractor, and then I don't have pictures of the implements. I got a sickle bar mower (7'), two bottom plow, and rear grader blade, All fast hitch. Also came with front wheel weights. The tractor is loaded option wise (Power steering, TA, fast hitch etc) and I was told it ran before, but seemed to lack power and wouldn't go to full throttle. But, if the way the diesel looked was an indication of anything, I could see why. I hope to have it running by the end of the week.

Question: :?: The draft control guage has two cables running back to the fast hitch. I'd like to see if I can hook it up again. Does anybody know where the cables hooked onto the fast hitch? The cables are cut, but making new ones won't be a problem. TIA

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Gonna be a handy outfit when you get it up and going and the implements are a good thing to have with it. All the quickhitch equipment is getting hard to find anymore.
nice looking tractor,I would love to find one like that ,around here anything with a diesel running or not is 3000 minimum
Swweet tractor, ahh, nothing like the smell of rotten fuel :eek:
Have you gotten any more did to it? can't wait to see it when finish.. ;)
i love those front steering pedistals.. very nice!
New diesel in it, new filters and fuel lines. All new switches and wiring in the dash. Intake heater is welded back up.

The bad-went to change the fluid in the rear and drained 4 gallons of water and no oil......went to start it and the solonoid throws the drive out, but the starter doesn't turn.

I am desperately trying to find the tach drive generator for this thing. can I buy a tach drive assembly and mount on the back of it, or does it take a special generator to do that?
How bad is the fuel algae? CASE used generator driven tachometers and there was an adapter gearbox that mounted to the rear of the generator. They are available new.
Fuel algae wasn't all that bad. It just was pretty much old diesel and water. In the transmission however, that was a different story. I need to go back in and update my update thread.
I have a seal and gasket kit for that Roosamaster injection pump, new in package.might even sell it.
Won't have any pictures for probably another week yet. I'm working out the machining logistics for that nut I need to make. can't find a 1 7/8"-16 tap so I'm probably going to have to cut threads. The reverse idler shaft is out and all the bushings are pressed out. As it stands now, It needs the three bushings replaced, and I need to buy the other two bearings. They're in, I just buy them as I get the money. I'd like to do the PTO, but I need to run the cost of bearings. I've had some various parts in the lathe at work cleaning edges up and refacing them. Next big item is the axles and figuring out why that one bearing was loose. Started back in school today so now I have that obligation again. I'll try to keep updating as much as I can. Thanks for the interest
thank for the update, good luck with school!
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