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Bought Another Super C

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Long story long, a guy came into my work the other day looking for some parts and we somehow got on the subject of tractors and he had mentioned he had a tractor sitting out back that he would be interested in getting rid of it. So he told me to stop by after work and check it out, so I did. It's a 1952 Farmall Super C. From a distance I said "holy heck, this thing is a piece but looking at it close, it was actually in pretty good condition minus the surface rust. The sheetmetal is like 100% perfect, or dang close. No dings, dents, or anything. Both rims are pretty much shot. The one is "okay" for now, but the other was rotted through. I tossed a wheel on it off my Super C just to load this one up and take it home. Anyways, he told me to think it over, and to feel free to stop back and tinker with it over this week while he was out of town. I really wasn't big on messing with it while he was away, but my co worker is like best friends with him so I didn't feel too weird about it. Anyways, I tossed a carb rebuild kit in it, put a new fuel line on it, some fresh gas, and hit the starter and it fired right up. So I called him back and we talked numbers, and he told me to go out back and look at two trailers he had. He gave me a number on all three and told me to load it up if I wanted it. I decided what the heck, I'll buy I loaded them up and took em home, and met up with him tonight when he returned to town to square up. The hay wagon is a very nice piece. Needs paint, but is very solid and well built. It should be awesome all fixed up. The other wagon is just a hay wagon frame, I'll probably put it on Craigslist for cheap, I have no use for it. The Super C is still six volt, but I'm real surprised how fast it turns over. The lights even work too! I couldn't believe it. It sat inside a barn for 28 years, but it had a dirt floor which is what ate the wheel. Anyways, I don't think I got too terrible of a deal. Anyways, enough's some pictures of this rust bucket.

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Nice find! I'd like to get a C one day I think their neat tractors
Looks like you got a good deal. Nice solid tractor and a few toys.
Good deal, you just never know who has what sitting around back...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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