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Bring Back the Days

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Bring back the days
of a carefree life
with play an’ laughter,
no worry or strife.

Let me swing so high
in the old apple tree
like monkeys in the jungle
screaming with glee.

I want to chase chickens
back into their pen,
an’ ride the young heifers
‘cross our land again.

Run in the sunshine,
play in the field,
hide in the sweet corn,
eat apples—unpeeled.

Rope swing into haylofts,
ride horses on roads,
wade ponds by the dozens
searching out toads.

Play baseball in pastures—
dry cow pies for bases,
tie legs together
in gunnysack races.

Have friends ‘cross the meadow
an’ just down the way,
more joy than imagined
packed into each day.

Summers so hot,
my skin will burn red,
once again be a kid
shooed off to bed.

Swim in the ditch—
water snakes galore.
Oh, just to catch
a slithery once more.

Discover new bugs,
an’ catch honey bees,
punch holes in a jar lid
so they can breath.

Try to smoke straw
out backa the barn,
singe off my eyebrows,
then tell a big yarn.

Be pinched hard in church
for not sitting still,
not paying attention
to learn the Lord’s will.

Have winters fantastic—
I love snow piled high.
It provides such adventures
the more just to try.

Sleigh ride ‘til midnight—
big ‘tire-burn’ fire.
More fun on the slopes
is my heart’s desire.

To be tucked into bed,
on a cold winter’s night
hide under the covers
so boogieman won’t bite.


At sixty two, does it count
to still feel so young,
in my mind, bring back childhood,
not this life on the run?

I certainly hope so—
I have fields yet to roam,
before God calls me home.

Tamara Hillman
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