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CA running problem

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Well I can't seem to figure it out. New plug wires, plugs, cap, points, condenser and I brought down one of my rotors. I tried timing it and retiming it, cleaned the carb up and put it back together. Reset it to factory setting (1.5 turns out) and put it back together, and nothing I did made it run better than before. Anybody have any ideas?

At the start of the video it is timed per the allis service manual. I adjusted it during the video to fine tune it and it ran a lot better, but the going from running smooth to rough and backfiring has me puzzled.
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Well, once I put on my night vision goggles I could see a whole lot better.... Are you sure ALL the plug wires are on in the correct sequence ? Sounds like its really laboring to run.... It may be able to run on two at wide open throttle and backfire the unburnt fuel and die when you go to midrange ?? I'd still check firing order first.
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