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CAREFUL of them crank handles

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Just a little story about our F-30. last night i had some friends over showing them the tractor shed and Pinky as she has been named now. And i wanted to crank the F-30 it has a sound unlike any of the others deep and throaty slow revolutions. I stuck the crank handle on the crank shaft shoved the whole thing in and Went to give it the first turn and have it fire right up. I don't really know where it went wrong at that point of my first revolution but what i suspect happened is that the crank handle the detents for the cross bar on the crank shaft are a little worn out. And it is the only crank we have that the handle actually spins on it. the crank let go of the tractor and caught me right up side my temple. Man that right smarted, stumbling back and half thinking that it had back fired and the crank spun the wrong way and caught me. i wasnt quit sure what had happened till the guy who was standing there told me. Made a loud noise and i felt it just the same. Today i got a good knot on my temple and i can't chew real well on my left side, but all in all i got that 30 started last night with just one more good turn of the crank after i gained my bearings.
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i only pulled up and thumb out of the way. the handle itself slipped off the shaft that connects to the engine crank, like i was removing the crank after it started but i was in the middle of pulling up fast when it slipped off and clocked me up side the head. I have done the whirling like a helicopter but have since quit if it don't start in an upward pull, i pull it with another tractor to start it.
That sounds about right where the crank starts getting compression is around eight oclock on the handle.
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