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Case 431- Hydraulic Issue

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Hi! I am new to tractors, this is the first tractor I have ever owned/used(26 years old here). Grew up in the suburbs, now I am out in the country and came across what I thought to be a good deal. I paid $1,500 for this Case 430 Draft-O-Matic (delivered to my house about 20 miles drive). He told me right off the get go that the seals in the power steering cylinders needed to be changed as they leak bad(which they do, and while I am waiting on them to come in I am just refilling with cheap transmission fluid).

However, after about 4 hours of use I noticed my front hydraulics were starting to go slower.... Now it isn't working at all. I didn't notice a leak, but then again I am not sure where to check the level at. I don't think it's the pump itself, however again don't know where to check! Also, if it is just low on fluid, what fluid do I use, approximately how much, and where do I fill it?

Also, what is the difference between the 430 and the 431? It almost looks like my tractor says 431 on the plate. Also not sure if there is a gas and diesel version, but mine is diesel.

Thanks for the help!!!

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Hello and welcome. You're right about the model number. 430 is the series, and the 431 is the diesel row crop model.
Whereas a 441 is a gas row crop model of the 430 series. Still has 430 on the cover.
I wish I could help with your problem, but that's about all I know of the 430 Case tractors is the difference in models.
You can find owners, and repair manuals for your tractor with a web search. Sometimes a free download.
Someone else may be able to help you more.
Howdy Tim and welcome to ATF! Sorry that I cannot help. The most experience I have had with Case tractors is observing them at tractor sbows. From owners I have talked with I know they are fine machines. Hopefully someone here can help you.
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