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Case 444

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Been looking for an older garden tractor and found this one close. He is asking 1000$ for it and have no idea if this is a fair price. Suppose to be in excellant condition but haven't seen it yet. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks anyway but decided not to get it.

Sorry, didn't see the post! I have 2 446's and a 195. Built like a tank! They are hydraulic drive not to be confused with hydrostatic. There is a gear pump on the engine that drives orbital or roller motors on the transaxle and some attachments. The transaxles are a cast steel 2 speed unit. I have given mine quite a workout and they take it in stride. As for price, all depends on condition and age. Older two tone models are worth slightly less than the newer all orange "long frame" models as they had a longer wheel base and bigger operators platform and holding valves. Also depends on attachments like 3pt, mowers, ect. Seems a base tractor running good for a high wheel is $5-700, decks and blowers are $1-500, rear chippers and mowers are $500-1000. I have 44" and 48" decks for mine, a 41" end drive tiller, 54" dozer blade, and one has 3pt. My one 446 is going to be a work modified tractor but resurrected from a scrap tractor.
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