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I'm looking for any information or someone within central Indiana who can adjust the PTO (partially engages) on a 1968 Case 730 with gas engine. The tractor belongs to my neighbor, a Vietnam Veteran.

He is also having issues figuring out the hydraulic hoses on the rear of the tractor when hooking up a seed planter (two hoses above and on the right of the PTO, and two on the left of the PTO). At present, we have the planter's two hoses attached on the right hand side and at first, the planter went up and down 8-10" with no problems, but now seems stuck or locked near the ground. The tractor is full of hydraulic fluid, and the hoses jump when engaging and disengaging the lever.

Would be optimal if we could find someone near/around Indianapolis who worked on these older Cases. Thank you**
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