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Case Caseamatic.

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Is this trans as bad as the Ford select a junks were?
Looking for a more modern tractor with power steering and a good 3 PT hitch set up. this one is a 730 with the case o matic.

:D Al
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I've not come across anything purely negative about them - other than they do not have a "brake clutch" which seems to be a big deal for some, not so much for others.

Does this mean that they would crunch into gear if your not used to them :?:
Is there a clutch as well as the torque converter, or does the latter just replace the clutch all together. My cousins lad is in Canada at the moment and has been looking at an 830 Caseamatic,
this is why I am trying to get some information for him. It would be a long way to bring a tractor if it was no good. Once moving can you change on the move just the same as with a clutch? and finally if something does go wrong, can they be fixed ? Thanks in advance.
Thanks guys, I know that the buyer is watching this site and all this advice will be very useful to him.
:D :D
Nice looking big tractor, I like the colours.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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