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CASE LAE power unit

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As some may remember, about a year ago Dad and I bought a frick sawmill, it came with a Case LAE engine which originally was on another mill, so I ended up with 2 different style pulleys. Recently I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a new v-groove pulley for the engine, and new belts. I got the engine out and fired it up after setting idle for almost a year, and yep it fired up. Hopefully in a few weeks I can share some more pics with the case belted up to the mill.

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Nice engine!!!
I have one just like it.
Mine is a 1941 model,what year is yours?
Here's a pic of mine,it's a little rougher than yours.
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Looks good guys! I have a sales brochure if anybody needs more information.
I remember the post on the mill and was wondering the other day if you ever got it set up. Good looking unit.
Hi Nick,
This one is a 1948 model, according to the deceased owners daughter, it was bought new somewhere close to Ashland, KY, her dad bought it for a pony motor to start the "big" cat diesel he had on his sawmill, it came from way down in KY between Hazzard, and friend that purchased it from the deceased owners daughter would know, I'll have to ask again.
Dad and I have came a good ways with the mill project, but needless to say my work habits don't leave much time. We have it all mounted on steel post concreted in the ground,except the husk frame, it is on big timbers and I-beams setting on concrete. We still need to do some fine adjusting, but it is real close.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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