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Case Tractors At My Show

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some of the CASE tractors that have been at my show
[attachment=3:2yi2yeyi]CYNTHIANA 06-2 022.jpg[/attachment:2yi2yeyi][*]
[attachment=2:2yi2yeyi]CYNTHIANA 06-2 016.jpg[/attachment:2yi2yeyi]
[attachment=1:2yi2yeyi]CYNTHIANA 06-2 008.jpg[/attachment:2yi2yeyi]
[attachment=0:2yi2yeyi]CYNTHIANA 06-2 012.jpg[/attachment:2yi2yeyi]
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The "400" was as pretty a tractor as any tractor made. The diesel engine was a marvel in its time. Dad traded a Farmall M for the one we had. 8 speeds was great. That 730 looks like a beast for its hp. I had 2 830s....James
I have to get me a Case JR! That last one was great :)
Was that the only model that Case painted for the Bicentennial celebration in '76?
I remember seeing several in this area when they were new, but were gone in just a few years.
I don't know if the owners didn't like the tractor and sold it, or the paint job, and repainted it.
Thats a nice bunch for sure would have liked to seen them up close.
Thanks fort he pics Caseman.
I would like to come to your show sometime.When/where is your show?
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