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Case Tractors Digging Potatoes

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Me and the boys dug our potatoes today.
Had to bush hog the weeds before we could dig.Tractor is a Case 311b

1952 Case DC-4 with a Massey Ferguson middle buster.The middle buster is my dads,I sure would like to find a Case middle buster.

Case 630 gas and guard dog

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Nick, first time I've ever seen them dug like that! We got a bunch of ours up too, had fresh mashed potatoes for dinner again tonight!
Nick looks like your potatoes did well. We haven't dug ours yet only some to eat on . We use a potatoe plow.
Was a nice day for diggin' taters. Looks like you got a good yield. :D
That's the way we dug taters when I was young, other than Dad had a horse drawn double shovel pulled behind an 8N.
So, one of us got to walk behind and guide it along. 'Course we planted 200 lbs or more of seed taters in a half acre patch.
You've got a nice looking place, and great soil for growing taters. I like your tractors too, but I'm guessing you don't use the
630 much past dark with the grill gaurd that's on it. ;)
Fine choice in crops, tractors, and dogs - and very fine pictures as well. Looks like that plow was just the trick for those! We will be hitting ours shortly as well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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