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Caseman...for you...mottled babies

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JR...these are some of Josephine's babies from last summer....she produces beautiful babies....(all of these are half Serama...)

This is Dory:

Another baby

One of the above babies a couple weeks older with half sibling out of a blue splash OEGB hen....

This was her former man....Frizzled Serama, Napoleon. :)

Thank you for giving Josephine and Dory a great new home and a handsome little man. I hope they give you many beautiful babies.
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Very interesting to see those chicks.
Thanks for letting me have them .I am waiting just to see what Chicks I get ;)
JR, I think her being of good type and Willie Jr. being the handsome thing he is should give you beautiful good type babies. I wish I had kept the Breeder's name that I bought Josephine from in Frankfort...I know she was from Ohio and breeds only OEGBs but I did not keep track of her card because I purchased Josephine and the blue splash as girls for Napoleon. She will be 3 years on in late January, 2013 and is still laying really well so I think you have time to get a nice little selection of the mottled babies before she starts slowing down. I also noticed that Josephine and Misty (the splash) have always taken a break in the high heat and the winter. I think that keeps them laying well for longer but that is just a hunch and theory on my part.

Make sure you post pics of the babies when they hatch. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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