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Cast iron confusion? What is it used for ?

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I went to a cast iron Dutch oven cooking class today with the wife and daughter. Along with my parents and grand parents. It was a very informative class and the food we made was very tasteY ! One lady had this pan and was asking if anyone knew what it's use was. I took some pics to ask y'all if you may know. My guess is it is only half of a mold for something like cones or something. Anyone know it has no markings on it so the brand is unknown either.

If ya know or have a good guess I would like to hear it I have her email address and gonna send her any answers I can find
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looks like it would make great Yorkshire puddings on the coals
my grandma had old heavy muffin pans that she made hers in, said the thin tin pans didn't cook them right
If it is old it must be for melting grease or something of that nature, if it was for cooking it should have a machined finish,to make it easy to season, the casting is pretty rough for a normal cooking device, Look at most old cast pans and skillets the inside is machine finished, that is why new "cheap" cast cook ware is such a bugger to season.
it isn't a new pan and with the casting mark left on the top side of the mold it looks to be old before machined work. I am not sure where to even start guessing how old or what its purpose was. she bought it along with a waffle maker made in 1909. so the age is unknow. don't know if it was cookware or melting pots for sinker weights. just unusuall and told her i would check and see if anyone knew what it was . thanks for sugestions.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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