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cast iron rear wheels on 1951 44RC

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My 1951 44 row crop has casr rear wheel, like the 44 special. Were theyan option or have they been changed? Thank You
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They were an option. My 44 diesel special, 33 rc and a 44 has them.
In some ways they are nice cause you have the 300 pounds on each axel with out adding tire balast or wheel weights. Is also easier I think to remove just the wheel with out the center to get work done on a tire.

:D Al
I don't seem to have a good picture of the cast wheels. I'll see what I can do to fix that today.

:D Al
OK I didn't get the pictures the next day. Was a crappy week to get any thing done really.
Here they are tought.

On a 44

This is one of the ones that were mounted on some stamped steel wheels as wheel weights. They weigh in the 300 pound range I was told.

:D Al
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Am working on getting a pair of pressed steei wheels fot it as dont need the extra weight especially when trailering it!
Oliver and JD wheels will fit. Keep in mind you will have to fill in the JD stamped in the JD wheels.

:D Al
Thanks for posting the pics! Kinda funny though, I was to an auction sale on saturday, and there was a 44 rowcrop there with cast centers. I've got 2 44 rowcrops, both with stamped steel centers
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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