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I just discovered today that I have the one important part that I would need if I wanted to convert my Cockshutt tractors to Co-op. The nose piece from a Co-op E4 or E5 turned up in my spare parts department. As far as I know that was the only real difference between Cockshutts and Co-ops of this series. The paint and decals too of course.
This one of mine needs a little straightening.
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I have a couple off my Cockshutts hanging in my man cave in the basement. Always found it easier to buy a new one than try to fix the dents. You are correct and they have to be 1952 or older.
Why would you want to convert?
WyattB said:
Why would you want to convert?
I don't really want to convert to a Co-op but it is nice to have the option to do so in the future. Have you seen what those little strips of metal sell for on ebay and elsewhere? It is amazing. I have seen them in the junk at farm auctions in the past and walked away. :eek:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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