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Corn Planter

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Dad got a bunch of pictures that grandma had to scan and ran across this one of the old Case pulling a corn planter. Never saw one like this before. Any ideas what kind it was? The planter didn't belong to us so I guess I stand corrected now that the 251 wasn't the first time it had planted corn.

The tractor had no hyd. lines so it had to have a lever to trip and raise the planter at the end.
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that would be quite a machine in its day very interesting thanks for posting
My guess would be an IH 449A .
I have one laying out back.

Thanks Kirk. Never seen one like that before, appreciate the info.
I'm gonna assume it had a mechanical clutch to raise it out of the ground. Sure like those old pics. :D
Yes it had mechanical clutch. It was ground driven off the tire axles and not off the presser wheels on each planter unit. The lever would disengauge the spocket that worked the seed hopper to drop the seed. I would post a photo of mine but it's apart in about 150 pieces an t the monent.

That's really neat Gordon :!: I'll bet it would cover rite much ground in a couple of hours. :idea: ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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