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Couldn't find my coil

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I know where it was supposed to be but it wasn't there. I have a 9N which I was using on Sunday to brush hog some trails through long grass and specifically to make a cut area in the shade to volume test a seed drill. Halfway through doing this the tractor goes fwap, yes it made that noise, and stopped dead. I thought the fan belt had managed to rip out three of the plug wires since I know from experience that if it rips out two it will keep running. Shut off the ignition and get off the tractor to see the coil gasket near the front right wheel. The coil spring clip, slightly bent is at the left wheel but the coil is nowhere to be found. Finally got down on my knees looking in the front engine area and there is the coil sitting on top of the fan pulley with two spark plug wires wrapped around the pulley as well. Ruined one wire, shortened another and had to rebend the spring clip. I have no idea how the belt managed to hook off that coil or if the spring clip released on its own. As I remember it the clip was nice and tight so it is a mystery. Ten minutes, some wire ties and one plug wire later I was finishing the grass cutting so it could have been worse. The advantage of being able to do your own repairs.
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