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My, oh my, how time does fly! Here it is August already, and it seems summer should be just starting—not drawing to a close.

My hubby and I recently returned from a three-week vacation starting in mid-June thru’ the first week of July visiting the grandkids in Washington State from which we hail—every summer it seems we have another graduation from high school to attend. Eight down, one to go, as it stands right now. The grandkids are growing up, and making us great-grandparents now that they are marrying also. (Makes me feel old!)

Anyway, it is difficult for us to observe what kids do today for entertainment. I swear they’d rather sit in the house in pajamas, (they also wear for outdoor attire to stores, movies, etc.) texting their friends than get out of earshot of their parents, and do fun things like gathering a bunch of friends together, hopping in cars, and going to the lake, or movies, or anything off the couch.

What happened to the American kid’s sense of adventure, daring, and most of all, freedom? In my day, wild horses couldn’t have kept us indoors, and on the couch. Of course, laziness was not allowed back then, or molly-coddling the youth. If we looked like we were idle for even a few minutes, our folks found something for us to do real quick! Guess that’s why we didn’t hang around the house much once we had wheels to flee on.

But these days, the little darlings have everything provided, and handed to them on a silver platter with NOTHING expected in return—and they absolutely take no shame in the world continuing to turn just for them in this manner.

While I am appalled at their behavior, it does no good to question why my own children have provided this luxurious lifestyle by even working overtime, and on weekends to continue giving all to these precious, little dears. Talk about giving their kids no work ethic whatsoever, and a sense of entitlement we sure didn’t give them! It makes kids so dependent, and totally immature these days. I’m sure, I must stand with mouth agape most of the time while in their midst.

Kids grow up with zero goals today. I can’t remember any of my peers not having a plan in place, at least by their high school years, of what they would seek as adults at age eighteen, let alone twenty-five, like kids of today who are still floundering around trying to “find themselves.” GIVE ME A BREAK! I could sure tell them where to look in seeking who they are if I had my say.

This is why extended stays are more painful than fun on our treks to our kids homes each summer. I love them all dearly, but whew—keeping my big mouth shut is NOT EASY!

I look upon my teen years as such fun even though we had responsibilities, and most of the time, harsh rules to follow. But it all prepared us for the REAL WORLD that would not be easy on us just because Mom and Dad may have spoiled us rotten. Spoiled brats were rare in my time, and those who were didn’t fare well in society when Mom and Dad weren’t around to protect them. Instead, it was a rude awakening when they ventured away from the home fires.

Sadly today, I see the world softening the rules to accommodate these pampered, tattooed, pierced, and mostly lazy ingrates. I know, As my grandkids tell me “I’m living in the Dark Ages,” but somehow I know those “Dark Ages” were better times, with better results for all of society back in the “GOOD OL’ DAYS!

Below is a poem I wrote about my frustration with today’s kids, (it keeps my blood pressure down to just put my feelings on paper, and get it off my chest…)


What ever happened to morals and rules?
Were they thrown in the trash,
not kept in school?

And why must I accept one with tattoos?
Have they followed in my tracks,
or paid my life-dues?

And piercing their bodies, gives me the chills.
It’s like some tribal custom
in dark, African hills.

No teacher, or parents tell kids the truth,
there’s no losing in baseball,
they all are Babe Ruth!

Kids run the schools, and they run the home,
like they’re precious Angels,
or a sweet, Garden Gnome.

No guidance, no naptime from the time they are wee
just build up their confidence
for what they’ll someday be.

Now it shows in our nation, clear to the top,
a house cannot stand
if Christianity stops.

No respect for authority, they go on their way
answering to no one
till their Judgment Day.

God will reprove them—they’ll pay in the end
since modern-day parents
want just to be friends.

Tamara Hillman

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Tamara , glad you got to take a good vacation. Don't feel bad about the grandkids .I have a few like that . I agree so much different then when we were raised.. I wonder what this world is going to be like in 20 or 30 years ,if God lets it be that long . Thanks for sharing that

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Yes I wonder about the younger generation also today - they have no goals to reach for - glad to see you back safe and sound ;)

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I wonder what the children of these kids will be like. Rules bent to far and things will break and if we lean forward much further we as a nation will fall flat on our face. I was glad to see your Aug. edition....mike

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Welcome Back Tamara. Missed not having your story here last month.
You hit it pretty well. Something I could debate for hours.
Also gotta agree with what Mike said.
Thanks again for posting. ;)
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