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couple old random things i USE in my garden

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here is my favorite push type weeder its an old roe hoe. the cultivator tines dont work worth a darn but the flat bar side works awsome in the sandy soil around here:

this old push planter works awsome. someday i might find the cultivator and furrow attachments to it.

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forgot to mention the planter is a Planet Jr. from the 1890's
Neat looking old planter. Are there changable plates for it?
no it has a metal "belt" that has holes in it and the "hub" the front wheels are on is actually were the seads are contained. the hub also has spaced holes going around it the band overlays those holes. you just slide the band around until the openings are the correct size. the spacing cant be adjusted though but hasnt been a problem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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