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Started picking cucumbers today. It figures. Diane's out of town with work for the rest of the week. Guess I'll be making refrigerator dill pickles.
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Steve sounds good and you could share that recipe on the recipe board for us please.
I use 1 large cucumber sliced thin, I med onion sliced thin, 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup water and Mrs. Dash to taste. Put in refer for a day....James
Can hardly beat that James . I do that a lot also. Love it with new beans.
I use Mrs. Wages dill pickle mix. Make brime as package directions, let cool some. While brime is cooling I slice or leave whole cucumbers into a gallon jar packing tightly, pour brime over pickles covering completely, screw on lid and refrigerate for a week and enjoy. Needs to be kept refrigerated.
Steve, we love Mrs. Wages mixes but cannot find the dill mix here. Only Kosher dill and bread and butter seem available. Any suggestions as to where to find the dill mix? We gotta start pickling soon, like yesterday.
I get mine from the local Rural King store. You might try googling Mrs. Wages ans see what comes up.
Oddly enough Jim, it seems like around here Ace Hardware and Southern States have the largest variety of the Mrs. Wages mixes... may want to check them out?
I remembered Southern States today. There is one about 20 miles away. I plan to call them. I can get the Kosher dill mix closeby. We had 2 packs left from last year, and now we have 14 quarts of KDs to enjoy. ;)
I made a gallon of refrigerator Pickles today . We like them on sandwiches & especially Hamburgers.
Saved the recipes. Hope to have some to pick in the near future. Thanks
Will do
My early cukes are done. I would have had another crop of them by now, but Mother Nature had other plans. :(
Jim Mother Nature has made a lot of changes in gardening this year. Whole new experience .
Betty, all I can do is work with Mother Nature the best way I know how. I plan to have more cukes. I planted about 75 to 100 hills 2 days ago. I am gonna continue to plant things through this month unless the weather does not break. We are predicted to have cooler and wetter weather next week, so I will put seed in the ground and hope for some rain. Gonna plant a few more maters, green beans squash, peas, October beans and cukes at least.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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