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I have know idea what year it is! I am guessing 1942

Take a look at the photo below of "Uncle Earl" our 39B.
Wheel Tire Plant Vehicle Automotive tire

Note the 4-speed gearshift and unstyled brakes.
These are two unique features of the 39 and 40 Styled B tractors.
Take a look at the GEAR SHIFT diagram below.
Font Line Parallel Auto part Engineering

Note the gear shift quadrant (Key 3).
This is a 6-speed gear shift quadrant designed for 41-47 Model B tractors.
Take a look at the FRONT END SUPPORT AND TOOL BOX diagram below.
Rectangle Schematic Font Parallel Slope

Note the front end support (cast-iron) part number B 2013 R.
Unfortunately, I do not know the location of the part number on the frame.
Take a look at the information below.
Font Material property Parallel Number Document

The cast iron frames were designed for 42-45 Model B tractors.

Hope this helps.
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