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Did You Ever see...........

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I got a trio of America Game Bantams and the 2 hens laid eggs side beside ..1 hen started setting a week before the other and hatched 8 little chicks.. The rooster took them outside and finds stuff for the little chicks to eat & when I put their water in he called them to drink.. If you go down there he goes in the house and calls them in.. Tonight I went to check on them and he has gotten in between the 2 hens and setting on the eggs and baby chicks.. I been around but never saw or heard of a rooster act like this. ;)
here is his picture not only a good mother/dad but a handsome devil spangled AG bantam
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He is a pretty thing Jr.

You're right JR. He'a a handsome fellow, but I never heard of, or seen a rooster careing for chicks.
Well he went to being "MR Nice Guy" to a mean one. He killed 2 chicks and had the rest afraid to come out-so you know what now he is in a cage by himself.. 1 hen is still setting and hope she hatchs some out this week ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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