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Different wheels

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Apparently a 4 wheel drive with a different type of wheel. Anyone know anything about them?

Was at the Oregon Steam-UP.
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Never seen anything like this before Really Different!!!!!!!!!!!
oh wow, is that a Heer? any more photo's? neat tractor, they were the first 4 wheel drive, developed around 1910 by chris Heer, and put into production around 1912. A patent was finally awarded in 1915, but the company was in financial trouble already and reorganized as the reliable tractor and engine company. Besides being the first true 4 wheel drive tractor, they also had 4 wheel steering. Heer was also a partner with the Morton tractor Co, famous for their gas traction frames that the early IHC's and other early gas tractors were built on. The tractor was briefly referred to as the Morton-Heer Co and as the Morton, but Heer quickly became the sole name on it. It was overly complex and ahead of its time, and despite only having an 8ft turning radius, it was underpowered and placed 5th out of five tractors at the 1912 winnipeg contest.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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