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Drip fill hole?

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On my 1947 M the carb has a problem with fuel running out of this hole when i'm trying to start it, I have set and reset the float and if i choke it a hair too much fuel comes pouring out. Once the tractor is running its fine but the hard start problem is getting old, what could be happening here?
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Could be as simple as too much choke. Even a little can be too much sometimes. You could check for obstructions in the needle and seat, but that would cause it to leak all the time. You could also set the float just a tad lower, that might help some. I have that same problem with my Ms sometimes, so I always push the starter button first, then pull the choke out if I need to.
Thanks John,
I had the carb off this weekend and cleaned it real well and still the same problem....above 60 degrees i dont have to use the choke on this thing it starts so well...under that its choke troubles. I wont be back up for a few weeks to try different starting choke methods but i'll try anything at this point. Thanks again
Something else I just thought of you could try. Turn it over a couple of times no choke, switch off. Then pull the switch out and see if it starts. dad use to do this on our Super H. He had gone through that carb 4 or 5 times, let it soak for two weeks, and even lowered the float a tad, but nothing helped but the method I just explained. Same thing, summer time didnt need choke at all, but what little it ran during the winter, he always fought it.
I agree with John, not unusual to weep fuel when you're giving it to much choke. Mine only requires minimal choke, usually I pull the choke rod just as it begins to crank and then push it back in, in one single operation.
I asked a guy why a M I was working on did that and he said

Choke it for 2 revolutions and no more it will start just fine. and yes it worked :lol:
I crank my Cub as John described. Switch off, choke on, two turns with the hand crank, pull the switch out, choke off, one more spin of the handcrank and away se goes!
That's the way we started old "kick start" bikes. Back in the day. Those old engines wern't as lean from the factory, as the EPA hadn't been invented, so they didn't need as much choking as these newer SMOG engines. Don't beat me up, I'm not against clean air, just stating facts. The old engines were richer, burned more fuel, ran better, polluted more, and started easier.
Tiff and the little one are gonna string me up if'n I dont figure out how to get that beast started! :lol:
I have the same problem with my H sometimes. Changing the starting routine and choking after the starter is engaged has helped.
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